These days what others say publicly carries far more weight. Here are 10 social media posts that tell my story.

#WhatPeopleSayAboutMe Nancy’s skills in PR/Communications are second to none and her ability to strategize and message is clearly tops.

#KeyStrengths Brings creativity, collaboration, and excellent management/follow through to every project.

#UnderstandsMarketDynamics Has the ability to develop linked programs around internal/external needs, thus motivating employees while using the energy and output to feed news and analyst sources.

#WhyNancy’sSuccessful Nancy “gets it.”She makes a real impact, gets close to the business, understands the offerings & is immensely knowledgeable about the marketing levers.

#RollsUpHerSleeves At home in the trenches, mentoring and guiding her team and executing with aplomb, as well as in the executive board room.

#HasGlobalView Driving force behind a range of internal/external thought leadership initiatives deployed across multiple regions around the world.

#GoodInCrisis Always calm, thoughtful, supportive and insightful.

#StrongManager She gives people the opportunity to run with a project but is always there to answer questions, provide guidance & cheer you on.

#CreativeMessaging Nancy is creative and innovative—with the ability to create programs and new channel usage around the messaging need.

#ColleaguesRespectHer Nancy’s standards of performance are high. What’s more, she gains the trust and respect of the people she works with.