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BOOK REVIEW: Water Damage – Suspense, Romance & Adventure in NYC in the 1900s

A break from the usual with this post—a book review of Water Damage, just published by New York professor,  Daniel R. Cillis, Ph.D. It’s his second novel in a trilogy about America in the 1900s. Full disclosure—I know the author and I’m so proud! It’s also a great story. Cillis tells a different history for the world’s financial capital with vivid descriptions, details and imagination.

9781491756829_COVER-fqa.inddSet in 1912 in New York and New Mexico, Water Damage is a work of historical fiction that suggests a famous Wall Street explosion that decimated the corner of Broad and Wall was the beginning of a reign of terror in the big city. It follows the further adventures of fictitious Spanish-American war hero Adobe Centori who teams up with federal agents to discover spies and saboteurs in New York.

The story contains absorbing characters, including a German Count, a Mexican Army Commander, U.S. Federal Agents, NYPD officers, New Mexican Cowboys and one very beautiful Femme Fatale. With keen attention to the details of the day, Water Damage transports the reader to New York and New Mexico and back again as a plot for America’s destruction unfolds. Water Damage is the second novel in a trilogy about America in the 1900s.

Storyline details
Adobe Centori seeks redemption for the woman he could not save and is drawn into an even greater conspiracy—a secret war against America. After a Wall Street explosion, a series of attacks in New York City raises the stakes for all involved, none of whom can deny the sense of a coming catastrophic attack. A cross-country search for anarchists and state-sponsored spies ensues. Centori joins federal agents and the New York police and an international plot tied to Germany’s ambitions in the coming Great War. Although New York and the financial center of the world recover, American foreign policy will never be the same.

6500e13c5c76af7ec3a8f262295de55dWater Damage is steeped with historical figures and details. Supporting characters Teddy Roosevelt, the New York City Police Commissioner and even the Italian-born financier and hotel bartender who invented the “Martini” are real, though some names have been changed. Also accurate are the descriptions of New York’s landmark Knickerbocker Hotel, which reopened as a hotel earlier in February 2015 after 95 years as an office building under various other names, Long Island’s Sagamore Hill and the world famous Woolworth Building. As with other historical fiction novels, some dates have been slightly altered to fit the storyline.

It has it all – intrigue, romance, adventure—with lots of twists and turns. At the same time, readers have an opportunity to learn about the rich history of New York and New Mexico!

And you can buy it today on Amazon or BN for less than a cup at Starbucks!
About the author.

Water Damage
Publisher: iUniverse (March 20, 2015)
Paperback: 448 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1491756829

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