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Tickets are Free – the Experience Priceless!

[Editor’s Note:  The original story was posted March 27, 2017.  Here’s a glimpse of what you missed! NBC Nightly News Story on Dancing Dreams]

It’s that time of year! Time when dreams come true at Dancing Dreams! This year’s dance extravaganza is Sunday, April 2nd, at 3pm at York College in Jamaica, Queens in New York City. C6Mxg3eU4AEBfJY.jpg small

It’s an amazing experience that these dancers will never forget because they pour their heart and soul into their performances. When people care about something deeply, success follows.

Joann Ferrara, a pediatric physical therapist by training makes sure of it!  Joann founded Dancing Dreams, a charity that gives children with physical challenges a chance to fulfill their dreams to dance.  It is her passion, her dedication, her sleepless nights and her dreams that enable her to turn what some may think are impossible dreams into reality.

Joann’s passion is matched equally by that of her student dancers. As a result, hundreds of New York/metro area children, parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and teens benefit from a dance experience they never thought possible…. And dance they do, in a performance “extravaganza” on stage complete with costumes, makeup and glitter– just like their friends, sisters and mothers have done before them.

It matters little this ballerina is in a wheelchair or that dancer has braces on her legs, or can’t hear the music.  If you want to be inspired. See the show. Or learn more at   www.dancingdreams.org. Or, call/text 516.659.8704.

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