Nancy Maffucci, a seasoned communications strategist who has worked for big brands and big agencies, has a steady stream of success in enhancing reputations and shifting perceptions. Corporate communications, content development, internal communications, executive communications, social media, issues management, thought leadership, event planning and sustainability communications are in her toolkit. 

Here is what people say about her work.


lester“Nancy served as the chief communications strategist for this agency for more than a decade. Her ability to get news published helped this agency achieve the high reputation that we have in the industry.  As for me personally, Nancy regularly brought ideas to me to help in my endeavor to keep the agency top-of-mind… She also assisted me in distributing copies of, and rights to, my book, BEING DIRECT,  in a number of languages and countries.”

Lester Wunderman, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Wunderman.


David-Sable“I have worked with Nancy for over 25 years. At Burson-Marsteller/Cohn&Wolfe, we worked on a variety of accounts – including some of the first consumer Global PR launches ever coordinated in the industry – for Colgate-Palmolive; High Tech and corporate as well….As one would imagine her skills in PR/Communications are second to none and her ability to strategize and message is clearly tops. As important, Nancy is also creative and innovative – with the ability to create programs and new channel usage around the messaging needs. She has the ability to develop linked programs around internal and external needs — thus motivating employees while using the energy and output to feed news and analyst sources. And she is expert in emerging media and its proper uses. I am proud to thoroughly and completely endorse her.”

David Sable, Global CEO, Young & Rubicam.


jimimages“My team and I always look forward to working with Nancy.  She has been a partner with us in designing and delivering a major annual program for CMOs at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.   Nancy brings creativity, collaboration and excellent management/follow through to every project we have done with her.”


Jim Stengel, Founder/President/CEO, The Jim Stengel Company, LLC.


Barbara“Nancy is a brilliant strategist, always thinking ahead and well informed. She also understands the importance of buttoned-down execution. Having worked for both corporations and agencies, she has a unique perspective and a firm grasp of what is effective from both sides. Her energy, focus and intelligence are apparent, and her standards of performance are high. What’s more, she gains the trust and respect of the people she works with and is well liked.”

Barbara Palmer, former SVP, Marketing, KBM Group. [Colleague at Wunderman and Cohn & Wolfe.]


DftQp5vW_400x400“I’ve worked with Nancy for 7 years together at Wunderman and she’s a pro’s pro in all aspects of public relations – including media, corporate, crisis, employee communications and more. Nancy has a can-do spirit and great attitude and is a pleasure to work with. She’s a manager and leader of her team and always finds the best way to get the work done.”

Kass Sells, President, North America, Waggener Edstrom. [Former colleague at Wunderman.]


Wheaton_01_000“Few categories are more fast paced, dynamic and at the cutting edge of communications than global marketing agencies. As the Global Communications Officer for Wunderman, one of the world’s largest agencies, Nancy is at the topic of her craft. She has established the Wunderman brand on a worldwide scale through her strategic communications expertise; her skilled team leadership and motivation; as well as her artful message development and deployment across all of the traditional and emerging social channels. Our presence at the Cannes Festival, which has been noted by clients and competitors alike as “the gold standard” as well as a more recent focus on events such as SXSW underscore her effectiveness. She is quite simply, the best.”

Trish Wheaton, former Managing Partner, Global New Business Community, Y&R Advertising. [Former colleague at Wunderman.]


2a818e3“Nancy “gets it”. She is able to make real impact in marketing the company because she gets close to the business, understands the offerings and is immensely knowledgeable about the marketing levers. She is also delightful to work with.”

Mark Taylor, Chief Experience Officer, Capgemini Consulting. [Former colleague at Wunderman.]


326d455“Nancy is as at home in the trenches, mentoring and guiding her team and executing with aplomb, as she is in the executive board room, serving as the corporation’s senior-most counsel on matters from influencing brand perceptions to media relations to crisis communications. As the North American comms lead on the team of global communications pros Nancy headed up at Wunderman, I benefited from her leadership in countless ways and learned more from her than I’d care to admit. She approaches everything she does with style and a sense of humor, and she never cracks under pressure. If she ever teaches a master class on executive leadership in corporate communications, I’ll be in the front row taking notes.”

Mark Gross, Director of Communication, HR/Caregiver Engagement at Providence Health & Services. [Former colleague at Wunderman.]


37aa230I had the great privilege to work with Nancy over 7+ years. She has been a continuous source of inspiration and an invaluable adviser to support our corporate communications across the Asia Pacific region. With a strategic and innovative mindset, Nancy brings a wealth of global experience and has the great ability to develop clear and impactful messages/contents. She has been the driving force behind a range of internal and external thought leadership initiatives that have been deployed across multiples regions around the world. I would highly recommend Nancy and I hope to have the chance to work again together!

Michel Mommajat, Managing Director Digital, Data & Technology at McCann Worldgroup Japan.  [Former colleague at Wunderman.]


3556a6c“Working for Nancy Maffucci was one of the real high points of my career, as I learned so much from her about managing people, juggling a challenging work schedule and assessing client needs to deliver stellar service. As a manager, she was always calm, thoughtful, supportive and insightful. While she allowed an individual the opportunity to run with a project, it was always with the confidence that Nancy would be right there to answer questions, provide any necessary guidance and to cheer you on. Working with her was both a pleasure and wonderful growth experience for me.”

Julia Brannan, Marketing Communications Proprietor.   [Former colleague at Magnet.]

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