Employee Comms

Sigi – an awards program that inspires employee pride.

2012 winner of PRSA Big Apple Awards for best internal communications program.

“The Dogons gave me the understanding of what it meant to belong to a kinship group.”  — Lester Wunderman, 1972

dogon sculpture

Challenge: In an industry where a premium is placed on creativity, Wunderman needed to give its most important client a face-lift. That client? Wunderman, which, in 2002, launched the ambitious and aptly named Le ster Wunderman Awards, instilling internal pride and serving as a jump start for winning external accolades at award shows. After nine years, a little luster was lost, entries dipped and interest waned.

Solution: revamp the awards program, giving it a fresh look, a new name and deeper meaning by drawing on inspiration from Mr. Wunderman’s personal interest in art, culture and learning. Sigi emerged, a nod to the Dogon people of Mali, Africa and their art that Mr. Wunderman loves so well.

Results: The revamped program achieved double-digit increases over the prior year in entries (up 36%), jury nominations (up 37%) and active jury participation (up 54%). Perhaps the most gratifying result was from Lester Wunderman. In offering his personal gratitude to the entire Sigi team at a meeting Dec. 8, 2011, Mr. Wunderman said: “You created something special. Just like someone created the Oscars and the Emmys, you created The Sigi. That’s something.”


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